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People Were Shook When This Photo Emerged Of Agro In A One Nation Hat

Did Pauline recruit Agro?

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Well people were a little startled when a photo of Agro popped up wearing a One Nation hat over the weekend.

Had the carpet-headed puppet taken a hardline stance against Muslim immigration and joined Pauline Hanson?!

Everyone loves Agro, the lovable puppet host of Cartoon Connection *5 minutes later* We regret to inform you Agro i…


Hansen said Agro's handler Jamie Dunn was at the markets doing some promotions and "we just hit him up for a photo and he put on the hat".

Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images

"Later on in the day, I'm pretty sure he posed with the local LNP candidate," Hansen told BuzzFeed News.

Asked if Agro would be voting for One Nation at the upcoming Queensland election, Hansen said it was more like the puppet was a "swing voter".

Dunn later told HuffPo Australia that Agro is definitely not a One Nation supporter.

"He's not running for One Nation, they've already got too many puppets in the ranks," Dunn said. "It's not an endorsement at all."

"Agro is very refugee, indigenous, gay and lesbian friendly. I don't think (the party) would be interested in him."

So Agro hasn't joined One Nation. Though, at least one person on Twitter came up with this prediction back in April:

"Agro wins preselection for One Nation in marginal QLD seat" - least surprising headline in the next month

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