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Bill Shorten Has A New Slogan And It's Missing A Crucial Word

Advance Australia.... and?

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Opposition leader Bill Shorten has given a rousing speech at the party's national conference in Melbourne. He also unveiled Labor's new slogan, "Advance Australia"... but wait... is it missing a word?

A lot is made of "three word slogans" in politics (Stop the boats, axe the tax etc etc)... so it was bold for Labor to go with two words. Even stranger they decided to use the title of the national anthem and drop the all important word "FAIR".

And people noticed.

“Ready friends to advance Australia” Shorten says. I think he’s missing a word there. #ALPConf2015

#ALPConf2015 Advance Australia a good slogan, Advance Australia FAIR better. Why leave that word off?!


Look the timing is not great. Labor has been criticised for abandoning its humane principles by supporting turning back asylum seeker boats.

Still boggled by the tone-deaf symbolism of dropping the "fair" off of Advance Australia.

Shorten forgot the "fair" in his promise to Advance Australia #ALPConf2015 #auspol

Advance Australia [blank] yeah solid slogan guys you couldn't even come up with an adjective

Some people saw the lighter side.

"Advance Australia" may not totally rock. But it's like, such an improvement on "moving forward" #ALPConf2015

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