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    The Alleged Mastermind Of The Sydney Terror Plot Is A Part-Time Actor Who Makes Awkward YouTube Videos

    Mohammad Ali Baryalei named as co-conspirator in planned attack.

    Court documents reveal one of the men behind the Sydney terror plot is part-time actor and ISIS fighter Mohammad Ali Baryalei.

    The 33-year-old is named on the charge sheet of Omarjan Azari, the 22-year-old man today accused of planning the abduction and beheading of a random member of public in Sydney's Martin Place.

    Baryalei has previously been named as the most senior Australian member of the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.

    An arrest warrant for Baryalei was issued in the wake of a recent ABC 7:30 report which revealed him to be instrumental in recruiting foreign jihadis, including the most prominent Australian fighters, Mohamed Elomar and Khaled Sharrouf.

    The 7:30 report also revealed Baryalei's past as a child of Afghani aristocracy, and his time spent working as a bouncer in Sydney's Kings Cross nightclub district.

    Baryalei was also a part-time actor, and made a cameo appearance as a paramedic on Channel 9's Underbelly drama series.

    Baryalei's work recruiting young Australian men to Islam for the Street Dawah movement has also made its way on to YouTube. / Via

    This video, titled "Street Dawah Australia 6 Reverts in One Day", has some awkward moments. / Via

    Watch the full 17-minute video here.

    There are reports that Baryalei remains in Syria and has recruited as many as 30 Australians to fight for ISIS in the region.

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