The 30 Most Important Moments Of Tony Abbott’s First Year As Prime Minister

From boozy interviews to the winker.

1. It all began back in September 7 2013, when on the greatest night of Tony Abbott’s life he was met with a totally random stage-crasher.

Channel 9 / Via

2. And the young man spent nearly a minute on stage before being crashed off by security.

ABC News / Via

3. No worry, two weeks later and Mr Abbott was sworn in as Australia’s 28th Prime Minister.

ABC News

4. On one of Mr Abbott’s several foreign trips he spoke of Australia’s good friend “Canadia”.

Channel 9/Fairfax Media / Via

5. He was sure not to forget his lucky Fisherman’s Friend mint on several ABC 7:30 appearances.

ABC 7:30 / Via

6. It’s said to keep Mr Abbott’s hand gestures under control.

ABC 7:30 / Via

7. There was the time the Prime Minister used the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings….

PMO / Via

8. …. to spruik the axing of the Carbon and Mining Taxes.

PMO / Via

9. On that same trip to France, Mr Abbott saw the chance to speak French to the kiddies.

ABC Insiders / Via

10. And the results were mixed, with kids terrified.

11. Others recruited to Team Australia.

12. But mostly just terrified.

13. Speaking of kids, in March, Mr Abbott was mobbed by Newtown High School students who surprised him with their knowledge of international law.

14. And Mr Abbott returned serve with a baseline winner.

15. The D-Day anniversary trip was tough for Mr Abbott, here trying to find where to stand before a pre-anniversary group photo.

16. And he found it!

17. But it was… oh poor Mr Abbott was on the far-left.

18. The head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab was really having none of Mr Abbott’s sterling banter.

The Project / Via

19. Who could forget the government’s attempts to explain internet meta-data plans with post office metaphors.

Today Show / Via

20. And other times on Today when he admitted, well, he might be a little sauced.

Channel 9 / Via

21. But other times banter probably went a little bit too far…

ABC News 24

22. Like when he told peace icon Aung San Suu Kyi - who spent 15 years under house arrest - he knew what it was like to be an opposition leader.

ABC News 24

23. There there was that time Prime Minister Abbott, who doubles as the Minister for Women, took a trade delegation to Asia.

ABC Insiders / Via

24. And couldn’t find any women for the photo.

ABC Insiders / Via

26. Mr Abbott also sent an outstanding video message to the Australian soccer team, except he called captain Mile Jedinak, Mike.

Fairfax Media / Via

27. But really, among all the Prime Minister’s many GIF-worthy moments one stands out.

28. That time Mr Abbott winked, when told by a 67-year-old woman with incurable diseases that she worked as a phone sex worker to make ends meet.

29. Later it was revealed that Mr Abbott is just “a winker”. He winks.

30. Here’s to year number two, Mr Abbott.

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Mark Di Stefano is a political editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.
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