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A Woman Stubbed Out Her Cigarette On A TV Reporter's Face And It Was Peak Australia

Oh and she was pushing a child along when she did it.

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A woman who had come to court to support an accused murderer has stubbed out a lit cigarette on a TV reporter’s face, while pushing a pram outside the Australian courthouse.

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The shocking incident was caught on Channel 7 cameras and clearly shows the 23-year-old putting out the cigarette on the cheek of Channel 9 reporter Alex Bernhardt outside the Caboolture courthouse on Monday morning.

Channel 7

Just moments earlier she'd emerged from the court, lit the cigarette and blew it in the faces of some of the assembled media pack.

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The reporter appeared to be ok and continued to follow the woman. She later tweeted that it was a "charming" act.

Just had a woman stub her lit cigarette into my face at Caboolture Court...Charming.

According to ABC News, the woman and her child were at the court to support 22-year-old Stevee Jane Kennedy who was charged with murder over the death of a man yesterday.

The woman has now been charged with public nuisance over the cigarette-stubbing incident.

23 year old woman charged after a journalist was stubbed in the face with a cigarette: #7News

Fellow Australian reporters tweeted support for Bernhardt and wished the incident was not too terrifying.

@ABernhardt9 that's a horrible beat. Hope you're ok - I remember the last time!

@ABernhardt9 Disgusting. Hope action is taken.

And it's not the first time that Bernhardt has copped it. She was soaked with an esky of ice-cold water after asking why a man's house had been raided by police last year.

Channel 9

Where else but Queensland.