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How To Succeed In Local SEO

Every local healthcare business wants to expand their customer base and reach more local clients and what better way to reach large amounts of people than through the internet?

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Digital marketing is a great tool to use when trying to attract more patients to your business. However, having success in local SEO shouldn't only depend on the SEO company you employ. It is also important for healthcare employees to have a basic knowledge of SEO and know about marketing tiPs for smaLl business so they can make informed decisions concerning their company's digital marketing strategies.

Local SEO is search engine optimization that targets potential customers in your area. The goal of local SEO is to get your healthcare business at the top of local search rankings so that when users search for the products or services you offer, your company shows up at the top. SEOs that are focused on local clients will use Google's top three ranking factors when structuring a plan for your business' local SEO.

Top Three Ranking Factors in Local SEO

The top three ranking factors for Google are content, links, and RankBrain. We've consulted with our local SEO wizards to help you better understand these top three ranking factors and why they are vital to the success of your local SEO.


First, having solid content on your website is crucial if you want to reach a large amount of people in your area. Informative and interesting content will not only draw users back to your site, but will also show Google that your site deserves to be at the top of the rankings.

Quality Links

Next, link building is equally important for your company's success in local SEO. Your site should be filled with links to other reputable sites in your field of work and you should also have links from other websites referring to your healthcare company. Link building will help you create a network of other experts in your field and will help establish your business as a credible source.


Lastly, RankBrain is a large part of Google's ranking algorithm and should be taken into consideration in all of your business' local SEO tactics. Not much is known about RankBrain or how it works, but we do know that it's goal is to push the most pertinent information to the top of Google's rankings.

With the knowledge of these top three ranking factors, you should have a better understanding of local SEO and the work your SEO company should be doing for your business. Your SEO should be increasing traffic to your site and attracting more potential patients to your healthcare facilities.

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