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    What's Your Internet Job -- as imagined as a role in a 1940s film?

    Hey, bub, you spend so much time online it's like a second job that pays in Likes and Friends instead of cash! As part of RockeHearst Omnipresent Bundlers' swell new "I Work for the Web" campaign #IWFW, let them help you find your place in the online economy! See more here: I Work for the Web main site

    So you need a job?

    Out of work?

    The new old economy giving you a bum deal?

    Most exployers pay you peanuts for all your sweat and strife.

    Who needs it?!

    Take this placement inventory and find out what job you already do on the Internet! Find out if you're an Internet mogul or just another one of the hoi polloi.