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    10 Reasons Professors Should Start Writing BuzzFeed Articles

    Why do profs keep writing books? Go where the people are! Write what the people read! This is the manifesto for Buzzademia: a new Like-reviewed journal for Buzzfeed-style scholarship.

    10. Your C.V. needs More Listicles / Via

    via Twitter:@gamegrower

    [Sidebar: requesting new word for Listicles that sounds less like testicles: suggestions Listballs or Listaries?]

    9. The power of espiteMEMEs

    8. No one Believes that "The Next 450 Pages will Blow Your Mind!"

    7. Open Access is useless without the Social Share Buttons

    6. MOAR GIFS! / Via @anitaconchita Twitter

    5. Footnotes are not clickbait

    4. Your fellow scholars only read to your citation info to add to their bibliographies!

    3. Helps fellow scholars more quickly access the "Which Hogwarts House are you in? quiz

    2. The RT is the purest form of peer-review

    Atlantic Monthly / Via

    1. Likes are more likely than tenure

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