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    Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    19 Filipino Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram Immediately

    They're the reason why it's always hot in the Philippines.

    1. This race car driver.

    2. This actor and yoga coach.

    3. This movie actor.

    4. This TV host.

    5. This military doctor.

    6. This basketball player.

    7. That basketball player's twin.

    8. This YouTube vlogger and proud cancer survivor.

    9. This policeman and pageant winner.

    10. This top model.

    11. This dancer.

    12. This actor who's known for his abs.

    13. This bodybuilder.

    14. This man who's a proud Igorot.

    15. This poet.

    16. This baby-faced actor.

    17. This singer.

    18. This surfer.

    19. And finally, this man who never ages.

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