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    11 Things In Southeast Asia That Should Exist In The Philippines

    Do you know that IKEA is already in Southeast Asia?

    1. Fast internet speed.


    Our local internet is so laughably slow that we stand in awe whenever we go abroad and experience fast connections. Can we have Singapore's hyper-fast internet speed please? Or even just Vietnam's!

    2. Water taxis.

    YouTube: Bangkok Charlie / Via

    Bangkok's extensive water taxi system helps ease road traffic by using its rivers for mass transport. Why can't we have this in Manila?

    3. An efficient train system.

    Wikipedia / Via

    Thailand's extensive train system connects its provinces to the capital, further reducing traffic. The Philippine government already has plans to connect the islands via railway, but it would take a long time before it would come to fruition.

    4. Luxury river cruises.

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    YouTube: Oriental Escape / Via

    Another enviable thing roaming Thailand's rivers are the luxury cruises that people can enjoy at night. The breathtaking cruise lets you and your date dine opulently while viewing Thailand's historical landmarks.

    5. Cheap but amazing coffee.

    6. Well-designed coins.

    Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas / Channel NewsAsia / Via

    The newly designed coins in the Philippines are so bad, guys. There are few distinguishing factors on each coin, which will cause confusion, particularly for the elderly, those with poor eyesight, and foreigners. In contrast, Singapore's coins are easily distinguishable at first glance, because of the use of different shapes, textures and color.

    7. IKEA.

    8. Efficient airports.

    9. Meiji milk.

    YouTube: Advertising Association of Thailand / Via

    The best-tasting milk from Japan is only available in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The Philippines, meanwhile, only has Meiji chocolate.

    10. Top universities.

    Times Higher Education / Via

    Other countries in Southeast Asia have universities that are regarded as the best in the world. National University of Singapore, for example, is ranked in the 2018 THE World University rankings as the 22nd best university globally, and the best in Asia. Both Singapore's Nanyang Technological University and Malaysia's University of Malaya are in the top 100 in Asia. All these universities are publicly funded.

    Here's the thing: the University of the Philippines can make it into this list, but only if the government can give it enough funding.

    11. Healthy fast food options.

    McDonald's Singapore / Via

    McDonald's in Singapore gives health buffs options to meet their diets by adding healthy options in their menus. Their website also shows nutrition facts, allergen information and other important stuff for food buffs.

    Are there other things in Southeast Asia that you wish is in the Philippines? Tell us in the comments!

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