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    As A Filipino, I Demand An Explanation For These 14 American Foods

    And you think balut is weird?

    Every time a non-Filipino talks about food in the Philippines, you can bet that balut will always be mentioned with disgust.

    All of these distasteful reaction makes us Filipinos say: really?

    1. Deep fried butter(???)

    2. The KFC Double Down.

    3. Pickled pigs feet.

    4. A donut burger!!

    5. Fry burgers.

    6. ~Rocky mountain oysters~

    7. Turducken.

    8. Jello salad.

    9. Fried rattlesnake.

    10. Fried squirrel

    11. Bacon sundae.

    12. Garbage plate! That's what it's called!

    13. Biscuits and gravy.

    14. The "American" breakfast.