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    18 Things An OFW Does When They Get Back To The Philippines

    Manood ng Wowowin, live!

    1. Meet the family.

    Pepito Manaloto / GMA-7

    Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) go abroad to earn money for their family back home. Thus, the first thing they want to do when they get home is to give their loved ones a tight hug. Fortunately, an OFW's family will often wait at the airport during the day of the arrival.

    2. Drop off allllll their baggage at home.

    OFW feels. All boxes weigh around 75kg. I still have 2 luggage with almost 40kg hahaha

    Twitter: @ohitsmiko / Via Twitter: @ohitsmiko

    OFWs typically stay abroad for years, so they typically have a ton of luggage to take home. Add to that the countless balikbayan boxes they are carrying, so their only option is to go to the house immediately. Bawal munang gumala.

    3. Reunion time!

    4. Give out pasalubong.

    balikbayan box has arrived hahaha kidding!! ๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ’“ 18 gifts from blockada ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜Œโ˜บ๏ธ

    Twitter: @NikiMouse / Via Twitter: @NikiMouse

    The reunion is the best time to distribute the contents of the balikbayan box to relatives and friends.

    5. Inuman na!

    YouTube: Julia Hilton / Via

    The Filipino reunion isn't complete without ice cold Filipino beer. Tagay!

    6. Videoke all night!

    simula nang bumalik tong ofw na kapitbahay namin sa kanila eh araw araw gabi gabi na na may videoke. pano na ako? huhu patulugin nyo ko

    Twitter: @Braian_Encinas / Via Twitter: @Braian_Encinas

    Sorry muna sa kapitbahay!

    7. Catch up on OPM.

    OFW be lyk: YES! may CD album naq ni @MarydaleEntrat5 pero WALANG CD PLAYER hahaha PANO na?? #MAYWARDAtThe1stEddysAwards

    Twitter: @pinkiliciousjL / Via Twitter: @pinkiliciousjL

    Then they head over to music shops to buy the albums that they missed while abroad.

    8. Get Filipino DVDs.

    My bebelove Original DVD specila delivery tnx sa mga ofw na nagorder kanina Godbless.. #ALDUBValentinesDate

    Twitter: @EB_Bluebird / Via Twitter: @EB_Bluebird

    OFWs also visit DVD shops to buy copies of movies they weren't able to see. Multiple copies are bought so they can be distributed to friends who are still abroad.

    9. Watch variety shows live.

    10. Catch up on teleseryes.

    GMA-7 / Via Twitter: @KapusoFortified

    It's hard to watch Filipino dramas abroad, so it's no surprise if OFWs become couch potatos when they're home.

    11. Go to mass on a Sunday.

    12. Ride a jeepney.

    13. Eat at Jollibee.

    The elementary me: gets to eat to Jollibee as reward for enduring a school week Now, the OFW me looks for Jollibee to comfort me from a tiring workweek

    Twitter: @kaeofficial / Via Twitter: @kaeofficial

    Time for some chickenjoy and some sickeningly sweet spaghetti.

    14. Have breakfast at a silog place.

    15. And dinner at a pares place.

    16. Halo-halo.

    Nag chowking kami ni papa at reimus! I love sweet n sour plus pagbigyan ang halo halo craving ng ofw.

    Twitter: @rcalvez / Via Twitter: @rcalvez

    17. Snack on instant pancit canton.

    Hirap pala maging OFW, ang mahal ng Pancit Canton sa ibang bansa

    Twitter: @superjace28 / Via Twitter: @superjace28 take the time to eat all the instant pancit canton you can find.

    18. Rest.

    Twitter: @architectofPH / Via Twitter: @architectofPH

    And lastly, OFWs relish the time at home to rest and catch up on sleep so they are recharged before they come back to their demanding work abroad. So let's help them relax and give them love because they are tired because of us anyway. Kudos to them.

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