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    The Ultimate Guide To Singapore For Newbie Filipino Travelers

    There's no visa needed, but you still have to be prepared

    1. You don't need apply for a visa to go to Singapore.

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    Filipinos with Philippine passports are allowed to travel to Singapore visa-free for as long as 30 days.

    2. But that does not guarantee that you can enter Singapore easily.

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    The immigration staff waiting for you when you land in Singapore can still refuse your entry and send you back to Manila. Avoid this heartbreaking experience by making sure that you can prove that you're only staying in Singapore for a brief stay.

    3. Check your passport.

    4. Get return tickets.

    5. Book your accomodation.

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    Another piece of proof you can show the immigration desk is the booking confirmation for your accommodation. Be sure that the dates of your stay there match the dates of your arrival and departure.

    Where should you book? You can try Agoda for budget-friendly options.

    6. Have enough funds.

    7. Bring a friend, or more.

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    Another trick to breeze through immigration is to not go to Singapore alone. If you're with a friend, or better yet, with a group, they're more likely to believe that you will really go on a vacation.

    8. Know how to get around.

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    The best way to go around Singapore is to ride their efficient subway system. You should get an EZ Link card at the airport if you want to ride these trains.

    9. Get a wifi egg.

    10. Plan your itinerary.

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    Singapore is a small country, but that doesn't mean that you can't get lost. Prepare your itinerary ahead of time so you can plan where you're going, and to maximize your time. Try adding the following sights to your plan:

    Gardens By The Bay


    Little India


    Unsplash / Via

    Merlion Park

    Unsplash / Via

    11. Know where to get help.

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    Be informed about the location of the Philippine Embassy in Singapore so that you know where to go if ever you get into trouble and need major help. Take down its phone number (+65 6737 3977) so you can call them when you need to.

    12. Have fun!

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    It's your vacation so you absolutely have to let go of your worries and be happy. You're in Singapore! Smile!

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