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    17 Signs That You're Too Old To Be A Filipino Millennial

    Alam mo kung ano ang binebenta ng Crispa?

    1. You still have strong feelings on the rivalry between Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos.

    Youtube: STAR STAR / Via

    You're either a solid Noranian or a loyal Vilmanian. No middle ground.

    2. Guy and Pip made your heart flutter.

    Twitter: @bon_luiza / Via Twitter: @bon_luiza

    AlDub could never come close.

    3. So you also wanted a doll as a daughter.

    Wikimedia Commons: carvin deleon / Via

    sings Maria Leonora Theresa 🎼

    4. Or you owned this doll instead:

    5. You know how to dance to Hagibis.

    YouTube: ABS-CBN Entertainment / Via

    "Hindi pa rin naman kami pumapalya..."

    6. But your favorite dancers are the Aldeguer sisters.

    YouTube: galdeguer / Via

    Kinakabisado mo yung steps nila kasi perfect for disco.

    7. You still have a collection of Jingle magazines on your bookshelves.

    8. You also have stacks of old TV Times magazines, which helped you navigate the shows on the black-and-white screen.

    Pinterest: Miss Waiching Liu / Via

    9. You think that Crispa vs. Toyota is still the best basketball rivalry ever.

    Twitter: @bubsie_24 / Via Twitter: @bubsie_24

    10. And Crispa's Atoy Co will forever be your favorite MVP.

    Twitter: @OneMapua / Via Twitter: @OneMapua

    11. You know exactly what Crispa was selling.

    Twitter: @jonastsinelas / Via Twitter: @jonastsinelas

    It's not crispy fried chicken (lol), but crisp t-shirts in every color.

    12. You believe that Thrilla in Manila is the best sporting event of all time.

    Twitter: @MuhammadAli / Via Twitter: @muhammadali

    The 1975 boxing match between legendary fighters Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier was held at the Araneta Coliseum.

    13. You remember when billboards along EDSA were hand-painted and over-the-top.

    Pinterest: Juan Evolution / Via

    14. The late Inday Badiday was your Oprah.

    YouTube: Magsine Tayo! / Via

    15. And Gloria Diaz was your original queen.

    YouTube: Prinn Alvarez / Via


    16. In fact, you remember how witty she was when she won the Miss Universe pageant in 1969.

    YouTube: Prinn Alvarez / Via

    Host: "Can you name your nine brothers and sisters?"

    Gloria Diaz: "Alphabetically or according to rank?"

    17. Lastly, you pine for the defunct brands from your childhood, like Wella, Fress Gusto or Superwheel.

    View this video on YouTube

    YouTube: aianchan80 / Via

    In fact, you can waste time just watching their old commercials on YouTube.

    Ah, the good old days.

    YouTube: ADman1909 / Via

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