10 Things You Missed In The New Trailer Of DC's Suicide Squad

David Ayers and the cast of Suicide Squad showed up at San Diego Comic Con International 2015 with a new trailer. Here are 10 things YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED.

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1. A California Condor

Mark Colomb / Via

We know Margot Robbie is playing Joker's puddin' Harley Quinn. But did you notice the California Condor in her cell? This majestic bird has stormed back from almost being extinct but can he stop THE BATMAN?

2. The Cake Boss

Mark Colomb / Via Flickr: 40648063@N06

Viola Davis is Amanda Waller. Charged with building a team of the baddest villains alive she could do worse than The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro. Does he have a knife?

4. The Baseball Furies

Mark Colomb / Via

If you want to build a squad of the baddest dudes alive of course you reach out to The Baseball Furies. I hope the Suicide Squad makes it to Coney Island by dawn.

7. Sam Worthington?

Mark Colomb / Via

Jai Courtney and Sam Worthington together at last. Does anyone have any idea which one is which? Can we confirm if there is a Hemsworth in this flick?

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