Playground Pick-Up Lines

Some friends and I made this pick up line booklet as kids in the playground. Not sure if they ever survived the road test, but feel free to try them out this weekend. [Ed. note: These suave suggestions are part of our keepsake show and tell.]

The pick-up lines are transcribed below, because let’s face it, elementary school kids don’t have the best handwriting. Or spelling abilities, as is obvious.

Title Page: “4+6 Pick Up Lines”

Because saying 10 isn’t as badass.

2. Lines 1-4

1) are you a pokemon becuse I chose you
2) Did you fart because you blow me away
3) are you an egg because you lade on me
4) I forgot my number can I have yours

3. Lines 5-8

5) are you a test paper becuse I’m (?) my time looking at you
6) are you the mother duck becuse you quack me up
7) are you a fish because I chot you
8) Is your dad a terrerisd because your the bomb!

4. Lines 9 & 10 (plus some random drawings)

9) is your dad a baker because you have hot buns
10) If I could change the althabet I would put i and u together

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