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The 10 New Characters From The Fan Fiction Novel "Star Wars - Artoo -Detoo Droid Of A Kind (Volume 1)" - First Batch

Aside from the familiar Star Wars characters that we all know of such as the book's star R2-D2 and his friends Queen Amidala, Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi and the villains Darth Sidious, Darth Maul and Viceroy Nute Gunray, I have included my own original characters that would add flavor to this book. Here are some of them...

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1. Aluva D'Asima of Emberlene

Aluva D'Asima was the only Handmaiden in Theed Palace that was not a local of Naboo. She came from the descendants of great warriors and has come to the Chommell Sector to become one of the Order of the Sanctuary. In her time as a Handmaiden of Queen Amidala she has risen from rank and became one of the most trusted people of the ruling monarch of Naboo.

2. Sheeana Fley of Kardara

Sheeana's true homeworld remains a mystery but records revealed that she was a hybrid daughter of a half human, half Catharian mother and third generation half human, half Pantoran father, who grew up on Kardara but was reported missing. She later resurfaced in Corellia as a regular crook, running away from CorSec she was granted refuge by Hego Damask and gave her a job as his bodyguard. When Damask Holdings bought and built a plasma mines on Kardara, she was assigned there as head of security. In her time on Kardara she met a local activist named Alle Vomm and fell in love with him. Vomm convinced her to help him pull a multi-million credit heist against her employer. The two fled Kardara and created the Chommell Patriots, a radical rebellious group that the Republic labelled as nothing more but a typical terrorist faction. Their goal is for a bloody reformation of the Chommell Sector and in their quest for more funding they became pirates until they struck a deal with the Trade Federation in their secret meeting in Jaguada almost a year before Queen Amidala's coronation.

3. Sarc Crimos of Dathomir

The Lady Sarc Crimos is a heterochromic hybrid daughter of a half Catharian Nightsister to her enslaved Hapan Dark Jedi. She was Darth Maul's childhood friend who took his joining with the Dark Lord of the Sith heavily in her heart. She hitched a ride offworld with a bounty hunter and struggled to survive in Nar Shaddaa. Under the employment of the Hutts and Black Sun she was 'rescued' by a Jedi Master who took her to Coruscant to be his apprentice. She was already in her early teens and the Council unanimously rejected her. The stubborn Master took her to Chu'unthor II wherein she was secretly trained to become a Jedi. But after two years she betrayed and killed her master and fled due to the edging of Darth Sidious whom she had met during her days in Nar Shaddaa. When she discovered that the Sith was the one who took Maul, she offered herself as his 'weapon' under the promise that she will be reunited with her beloved.

4. Jar Jar Binks of Otoh Gunga, Naboo

NOTE: This is not the same Jar Jar Binks that you know of. I made him very different in my novel.

Jar Jar Binks was like his bestfriend Ros Tarpals, a street menace of both Otoh Gunga and of the Naboo Cities. They grew up idolizing the criminal Gantu Onu Raltos but in their coming of age, Jar Jar and Tarpals took a separate path. The latter chose amnesty and became a Militiagung while Binks went with Raltos in joining the Chommell Patriots. Binks' naive idealism was shattered when he witnessed the true ruthlessness of Raltos and the Chommell Patriots, he decided to leave them and return to Naboo and became an outcast until he met and befriended the pirate turned merchant Nym the Freeorin. He was with Nym when the Trade Federation began their invasion of Naboo and together with a newly met Jedi Jinn and Kenobi, he joined the fight against the Droid Army.

5. Gantu Onu Raltos of Otoh Gunga, Naboo

Gantu Onu Raltos is one of the most wanted criminal in Naboo during the reign of King Ars Veruna and became the most fear terrorist in the year of transition between the old King and the new Queen of Naboo. He is huge for his kind and a warmonger, the perfect soldier for the Chommell Patriots.

6. Thambanucc of Kashyyyk

Jedi Master Thambanucc is the cousin of the late Jedi Master Tyvvoka. The Council was at first hesitant to accept him in the Order and was almost sent to the Agricultural Corps when he still showed no sign of ability to manipulate the Force at the age of 18. But during a Death Watch attack on Adumar, he finally learned to tap the Force although it almost brought him to the dark side. Since then he has proven himself a true Jedi and almost as great as his cousin Tyvvoka. He was on a mission to the Core Worlds when his cousin was killed, in his mourning he met and befriended Dooku, Qui-Gon, Sifo-Dyas and Plo Koon. He spent most of his days inside the Jedi Temple after the Stark Hyperspace War and trained students in various alien technologies. When the Chommell Patriot and Trade Federation started to harass Naboo, he was sent on an undercover mission to hunt and apprehend the leaders of the terrorist group. He disguised himself as a musician who would perform on the coronation of Queen Amidala when he learned that the leaders of the Chommell Patriots themselves would be personally be there to disrupt the peace.

8. Ana Yelf of Moviana

Ana Yelf, wife of Movi Yelf and the owner of the planetoid Moviana, founder of the Raltosan Empire and it's company divisions Yelf Space Casinos, Loyalty Security Firm and Hybrid Trading Industry is actually Sheeana Fley.

She and her husband converted their Chommell Patriot and devoted their wealth in redeeming themselves and their people by going legal starting by business ventures after the Battle of Kardara. She and her husband was last seen on Alderaan having a vacation.

9. Kree Feena of Jaguada

The Countess Kree Feena, the real one was killed by the Lady Sarc Crimos. The Dark Jedi assumed her identity and paved way for the meeting of the Chommell Patriots and the Trade Federation under the orders of Darth Sidious. The fake Kree Feena uses Jaguada as a staging point for the creation of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Here, Crimos headed the secret Spaarti cloning facility that created the clone of King Ars Veruna. Here on Jaguada, she made her second Jedi kill.

10. R2-E3 of the Naboo Royal Space Corps

Artoo Ethree (R2-E3) is what you can call a friend of our beloved Artoo Detoo (R2-D2). "She" as her owner, Captain Malo Teros prefers to call and threat her, was deliberately modified to have a certain feisty personality to remind him of his deceased wife. Ethree was the only astromech droid assigned on the Naboo Royal Starship who could match Artoo's wit, resourcefulness and creativity.

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