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12 Signs You Are Not Getting The Job

Here are a few tell-tale signs that you just aren't going to land that job you are interviewing for...

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1. When they just seem disinterested/like they are just going through the motions.

2. When they ask questions that have nothing to do with the job and/or ask very few relevant questions.

3. When they do not tell you much about the job, the starting date, etc.

4. When they indicate they do not know something they should have, meaning they never read your resume.

5. If you are constantly being interrupted

6. When they ask questions, you answer, and they do not seem to like your answers.

7. When the interviewer mentions the company is talking with a lot of candidates.

8. When they do not write anything down or take any notes.

9. When you are rushed through your own questions.

10. When the interviewer is being vague about next steps.

11. The interviewer starts giving you career advice towards the end of the interview.

12. And lastly, when you can tell the interview was ended quickly!

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