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    10 Celebrities Who, At One Point, Worked Totally Normal Jobs To Pay The Bills

    Nicki Minaj used to work at Red Lobster.

    From the minimum wage jobs to the red carpet, here are 10 celebs' jobs before they found their dream role.

    Getty Images

    1. Calvin Harris: Fish Factory Worker

    Adam Bettcher / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

     The now DJ was, in fact, a former fish factory work.

    2. Sandra Bullock: Bartender

    Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic / Getty

    Before making it big in movies, the US actress was a bartender.

    3. Sean Connery: Milkman, Ditch Digger, Life Guard, and Body Builder

    John T. Barr / Getty Images

    The famous Bond had many ~normal~ jobs before becoming an internationally recognized actor.

    4. Margot Robbie: Subway Employee

    Mike Marsland / Mike Marsland / WireImage

    Yes she lived in London and had other jobs too, but she could make a good sandwich.

    5. Harry Styles: Bakery Shop Worker

    Sony Pictures

    Famously the ex-1D star worked in a bakery shop.

    6. Jennifer Aniston: Waitress


    The Friends star also worked as a telemarketer and bike messenger.

    7. Tom Cruise: Bell Boy

    Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

    Before making it in the industry, Tom was bell boy in a hotel.

    8. Megan Fox: Stood outside a smoothie shop in a banana costume

    NBC / Via

    9. Johnny Depp: Pen Salesman

    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    Imagine that! No pirate business for Mr. Depp if he was very successful pushing pens.

    10. Nicki Minaj: Red Lobster Waitress

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Before becoming a superstar, Nicki was serving people seafood at Red Lobster in New York City.

    11. Sylvester Stallone: Lion Cage Cleaner

    Steve Jennings

    He used to clean the lion cages in the Central Park Zoo! 

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