10 Celebrities Who, At One Point, Worked Totally Normal Jobs To Pay The Bills

    Nicki Minaj used to work at Red Lobster.

    From the minimum wage jobs to the red carpet, here are 10 celebs' jobs before they found their dream role.

    1. Calvin Harris: Fish Factory Worker

    2. Sandra Bullock: Bartender

    3. Sean Connery: Milkman, Ditch Digger, Life Guard, and Body Builder

    4. Margot Robbie: Subway Employee

    5. Harry Styles: Bakery Shop Worker

    6. Jennifer Aniston: Waitress

    7. Tom Cruise: Bell Boy

    8. Megan Fox: Stood outside a smoothie shop in a banana costume

    9. Johnny Depp: Pen Salesman

    10. Nicki Minaj: Red Lobster Waitress

    11. Sylvester Stallone: Lion Cage Cleaner