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5 Unconventional Way To Celebrate Valentine's Day In Couple

Here are 5 simple activities for celebrating a romantic Valentine's day with your beloved. What do you think ?

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Valentine's Day traditionally rhymes with pink cards, teddy bears, flowers, chocolate, evening restaurant, naughty evening or a movie night... Valentine's Day is not just about that! It is an opportunity for you to spend time together, savouring these few romantic moments you spend together and why not the best time to try new things to spice up your daily! And don’t need to be fancy! If you are attractive by this idea but you don’t have no idea how, this article is for you!

1- Going for a trip down memory lane


This is a really good thing for long-term couples, this will allow you to remember all those good times and memories passed together, from the newest to the oldest, it is a very good therapy to bring you closer, get back to basics, why you're together and you worship yourself.

2-Recreate your first date


Instead of remember all your good memories, why not recreate them directly? And when it comes to your first date, it's even better! Try to recreate the mood, emotions and feelings at this present moment, for an unforgettable and full of emotions moment.

3-Body painting


For a sexy and tender moment with your beloved, why not try the body painting? Whether you are an artist or not, this art is very accessible and above all ! It allows you to spice things up at your place and add a new element of fun to foreplay.

4-Have a breakfast outside and watch the sunrise

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Another simple and cheap way to have a romantic Valentine’s Day! For the brave and the early risers, this incredible moment is perfect for lovers of Nature and tranquility. You will feel lucky and privileged!

5-Don’t celebrate Valentine’s day

The most unconventional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is do not celebrate it! Prove to your love by just enjoying each other company most of the time. There is so much different ways: little words every morning, holidays, go having a trip...

There is so much different way to celebrate this event, but the most important is to find your best and own way to enjoy and share this moment together.

What do you think about it?

What are your unconventional ideas to spend time together?

Tell me all in comments!! :)

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