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    I Styled A Niqab Wearing Woman To Have Tea With The Queen At Buckingham Palace

    "There is no way I'm wearing a fascinator with my niqab."

    Each year, over 30,000 people are invited to The Queen's Garden Tea Party at The Buckingham Palace to meet royalty, have a stroll around the palace grounds and sip tea.

    It's a way to recognise and reward those who have made positive contributions to the community.


    Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall stands out wonderfully in her light blue attire as she greets a line of colourfully well-dressed guests.

    Typically, the dress code is formal daytime wear but national dress and uniforms are also worn.


    Prince Charles, cheery and welcoming in his grey morning suit as he converses amongst guests wearing summer florals, fascinators and top hats.

    So, one evening (let me point out this was literally less than a week before the party), this message appeared on the group chat. It turns out that a very low-maintenance close friend and mentor of mine was panicking about what to wear.

    I must admit - this was a Batman signal moment for me.

    #StayCalm #DoTheyDoNextDayDelivery #NiqabPlusFormalWearEqualsZeroSearchResults / Via GIPHY

    But, inside I was panicking and trying to look for all sources of inspiration from Instagram to Pinterest to Tumblr...I got nothing.

    The task: An affordable, fully-modest, formal but not flashy, preferably pastel, black niqab complimenting outfit. Purchased, fitted and styled in one day. / Via GIPHY

    I hit the high streets and scanned far and wide from Primark to Karen Millen and John Lewis to New Look. SO many garments were either too short, too see-through or too pricey / Via GIPHY

    Now I know how the prince in Cinderella felt when he was trying to find the girl's foot that fit into the glass slipper.

    However, 15 shops and a couple of changing rooms later...


    Ta-da! Meet Sahar Al-Faifi, a.k.a 'princess slaying erryday'

    Niqab Edit: Buckingham Palace Style


    Tulle Maxi Skirt: Monsoon (£79), Blazer: New Look (£27.99), Brooch: New Look Sale (£1.25)

    I asked Sahar what it felt like wearing a Niqab whilst attending the Garden Party:

    "I think I was the first Niqabi to attend the Queen's Garden party. Before going to the party I was warned that I may feel a little out of place and receive looks after a Hijab-wearing friend of mine had this experience when she had attended. But when I went, I didn't find it awkward at all. I didn't feel that people were looking at me in a different way, maybe it was the classy skirt and the pink outfit. I don't know, but I felt equally welcome and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The only times I felt a little out of place were around the classiness of the guests saying 'Richard, Richard come over here darling' when in my head I was thinking 'like take me back to the ghettos mate.' "

    "In fact the most painful thing was having to wear heels for 3 hours, and by the end I said to myself - that's it, I know I'm in the Buckingham Palace but I'm going to have to go barefoot, my feet are killing me."


    A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do. #ShrugEmoji

    Sahar also met some interesting people:

    "When I was there I unintentionally bumped into Camilla and it was really nice talking to her, she was really welcoming. I also met a Navy solider from Portsmouth who was recognised for his charitable work and his wife who was expecting twins. As a scientist and community activist, I was surprised to find so much in common with them, we spoke about the elections and found we both hated the same political parties and that my campaigning against racism was admirable."

    The Queen's Garden Party fell one day after the Manchester attacks and they held a one minute silence in respect.


    "I expected to receive a notice of cancellation because of the attack that had happened a day before and to get questions from people asking me about why the attacks happened, but instead I was greeted and welcomed...It was really refreshing to see everyone unite together in such testing times." Sahar said