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      Media Statement: John Webb on behalf of Wicked Campers Australia
      Wicked Campers Australia wishes to respond to the online discussion currently taking place in regards to some of the slogans on our vehicles.
      Anybody who is familiar with our brand would probably know that we are strong proponents of free speech and pushing the limits of humour – we are a ‘cash for chaos’ kind of company.
      As is often quoted “A sense of humour is a sense of proportion”. And in this instance, we admit that we may have taken things out of proportion and out of the realms of what is considered to be ‘socially acceptable’.
      We are a small company, with eclectic, creative and multi‐cultural staff. It is impossible for us to conceive that a throw‐away message written on a van could have such far‐reaching implications for the community at large.
      Over the past few years Wicked has supported numerous charity endeavours including:
      ‐Free hires for Returned Servicemen & Servicewomen ‐A Mardi Gras float for the Metropolitan Christian Church Sydney to promote social & religious
      acceptance of homosexuality in the community ‐Support for the ‘Free to be Kids’ Charity, whose goal is to facilitate child centered community
      development in Kolkata with the aim of improving the community’s capacity to protect children. Wicked Campers have donated over $70,000 to this organisation in the hope of improving the welfare of children in India.
      Wicked Campers Owner, John Webb wishes to acknowledge the prevailing community opinion by REMOVING the slogan in question and imploring everyone to also focus their passions and energies on a worthy cause such as the ‘Free to be Kids’ organisation (
      “If everyone who signs this petition were to donate to a worthy charity – even just $10, we’d be closer to actually achieving something, rather than just filling the internet with threats and ‘lynch‐mob’ sentiment.
      It is easy to get caught up in the news cycle and the mob‐mentality of the internet, but the fact remains, the world’s problems will still exist next week, long after this has blown over. Don’t forget the cause – it’s still there, hidden amongst the memes and useless drivel that pops up in your feed.
      We’ve given and we will continue to give – so if you give to a charity of worth this week, send us the receipt and we’ll write you a personal apology for any offense that may have been caused”.
      Wicked Campers would also like to commend Paula Orbea for her passion and commitment to the cause – she has stayed for the fight, where others before her have given up. We apologise for any distress that may have been caused”.
      Many thanks
      John Webb Owner ‐ Wicked Campers

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