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    13 Times Your Own Brain Is The Enemy

    Mind and body are not always known for cooperation.

    1. When you're trying to get yourself to behave responsibly.

    2. When it says you have plenty of time.

    3. When it chooses to ignore the needs of your body.

    4. When it conspires to break your composure.

    5. When you know you definitely, absolutely have to get out of bed.

    6. When it convinces you that everything is gonna look great.

    7. When it keeps you trapped in your comfort zone.

    8. When it doesn't realize your body has completely different plans for you.

    9. When it betrays your better instincts.

    10. When it can't commit to responsibility.

    11. When it makes you try things it knows deep down won't work.

    12. When it refuses to acknowledge the world outside of your one true love.

    13. When it takes you to a wonderful place the body has no hope of enjoying.

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