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13 Things That Are Only Relatable If You Have A Vagina

*Mentally counts the hours your tampon has been in*

1. The first time you saw a speculum, your heart may have leapt out of your chest.

2. You heard one horror story about toxic shock syndrome (TSS) as a teen and you were never able to get it out of your head.

3. The first time you got a UTI, you might not have known what it was, but you never forgot it.

4. Now you always try to take care so it never happens again.

5. When you first experienced "spotting," you could not have been more confused.

6. Routine testing can be fueled with anxiety.

7. Sometimes you wistfully think that ignoring your problems will make them go away.

8. But lots of times it turns out to be a pretty easy fix.

9. You've learned from experience not to look up your symptoms online.

10. You've probably laughed off certain products or problems until you actually experienced them.

11. You've realized that nobody deals with things the same way.

12. And that things can be...unpredictable.

13. But at least you know you aren't alone in your struggle.