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29 Pictures Of Cold Stuff To Get You Through A Hot Summer Day

Ice, ice baby.

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It's so hot, I know. We're going to get through this.

Bonninstudio / Getty Images

1. Let's hop over to the freezer section of your supermarket.

Danielvfung / Getty Images

2. Think about those freezers that are totally crusted over with ice.

Phonlamaiphoto / Getty Images

3. You know what else is in freezers? ICE CREAM.

Manuel-f-o / Getty Images

4. Delicious, frozen ice cream.

Design Pics / Getty Images

5. All kinds of flavors.

Fuse / Getty Images

6. Not cold enough for you?

Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

7. How about that frozen fruit you've had in the freezer forever? It's probably more ice than fruit now.

Alesikka / Getty Images

8. Or how about just ice, that's pretty cold.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

9. Ice-covered flowers...

Purestock / Getty Images

10. Ice-covered leaves...

Purestock / Getty Images

11. Remember icicles? That cold drippy ice that used to hang off your gutter?

Monkey Business Images Ltd / Getty Images

12. And snow! Remember snow?

Ingram Publishing / Getty Images

13. The way it gets all caked onto your clothes when you go outside?

Altrendo Images / Getty Images

14. Just think back to the days of skiing and snow days.

Purestock / Getty Images

15. You could be like this guy, snow all up in your face.

Janmika / Getty Images

16. Or like this girl surrounded on all sides by fluffy white coldness!

Brian Mcentire / Getty Images

17. Picture yourself in Yosemite National Park, all frozen over. That must be nice.

Medioimages / Getty Images

18. Or better yet, let's just go to Siberia.

AFP / Getty Images

19. No, wait! Antarctica! Let's go to Antarctica.

Nekotoasobu / Getty Images

20. They have penguins! Look at this penguin, just basking in the coldness.

Moodboard / Getty Images

21. Look at them all lining up to take a little dip.

Fuse / Getty Images

22. Or, we can go up North where they have polar bears.

Lanaufoto / Getty Images

23. Look at the baby! Isn't that cute?

Andreanita / Getty Images

24. Look at it with its momma, cuddling for warmth – since it's so COLD.

Tom Linster / Getty Images

25. And can we talk about how polar bears swim in that freezing cold water?

Fotokon / Getty Images

26. That must feel so good, immersed in the coldness on all sides...

Christian Musat / Getty Images

27. Just chillin'...

Mike Schumann / Getty Images

28. Yessss...

Top Photo Group / Getty Images
  1. 29. By now you should be pretty frozen. Did it work? Do you feel better now?

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29. By now you should be pretty frozen. Did it work? Do you feel better now?
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