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    22 Guaranteed Ways To Piss Off A Human

    What do you MEAN I'm too late for brunch?

    1. Throw them into the unforgiving winter.

    2. Keep them from moisturizing.

    3. Curse them to only use glitter nail polish.

    4. Open up their Facebook on a rough day.

    5. Tell them they can get good Tex-Mex outside of Texas.

    6. Tell them you're over it.

    7. Ask them the dreaded doctor question.

    8. Remind them of the "good old days."

    9. Try to tell them that Poe and Finn don't belong together.

    10. Tell your best friend you've got a new boyfriend.

    11. Bring them to the city the day after a snow day.

    12. Ask them to choose between food and Netflix.

    13. Tell them they've arrived too late for brunch.

    14. Take away their animals.

    15. Or give them an indecisive animal.

    16. Take the joy out of their payday.

    17. Take away their hot water.

    18. Expect productivity from them the day after their vacation.

    19. Tell them they're being too sensitive.

    20. Give them a little too much to do.

    21. Follow up with them a few months after their fabulous new haircut.

    22. Give them software updates.

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