17 Times You Experience Pure Honesty

    FACT: Food doesn't have calories on your birthday.

    1. When you realize that you may, in fact, really care what people think of you.

    2. When you feel the cold hand of reality touch you for the first time.

    3. The middle of the night, when you realize you still may be a afraid of the dark, just a little.

    4. The precious, excruciating moments before an approaching deadline.

    5. That horrifying moment you see yourself in someone else's candid photo.

    6. The unbridled moment of joy when you finally get what you want.

    7. Every moment you experience as a proud and loving parent.

    8. The refreshing satisfaction of giving your body exactly what it wants.

    9. When you know yourself well enough to permit a little rule-breaking.

    10. The gut reaction you have when someone makes an unacceptable request.

    11. When you are honest with yourself about how much self-control you have.

    12. When you are perfectly candid about what your priorities are.

    13. The gut-wrenching moment when extreme panic starts to set in.

    14. When you decide to stop giving a damn, and start letting it all hang out.

    15. The moments when you know you just can't pull yourself out of bed for anything.

    16. When you secretly wish misfortune on someone in the worst way you can think of.

    17. And those overwhelming moments of unconditional love.

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