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29 Times It Wasn't Lupus On "House"

It's never lupus.

1. "Detox," Season 1, Episode 11


Dr. Cameron believes that 16-year-old Keith Foster has lupus, but House maintains that he doesn't. House continues to resist, and they discover his liver is failing due to naphthalene poisoning. It's not lupus.

2. "Daddy's Boy," Season 2, Episode 5


Recent Princeton grad Carnell Hall has many tests administered in this episode, including an ANA, but it comes back negative for lupus.

3. "Spin," Season 2, Episode 6


The team tests a pro-cyclist named Jeff for lupus as per Chase's suggestion. But it's not lupus.

4. "Deception," Season 2, Episode 9


Cameron suggests lupus to explain the bruising on Anica AKA the "hot OTB babe," but they end up going with Cushing's syndrome instead. It's not lupus.

5. "Failure To Communicate," Season 2, Episode 10


Cameron suggests that journalist Fletcher Stone's fever could be caused by lupus and they should start steroids, but House rules it out. It's not lupus.

6. "Clueless," Season 2, Episode 15


Foreman continues to insist that a wedding photographer named Bob Palko has lupus even after House rules it out. But it's not lupus.

7. "Informed Consent," Season 3, Episode 3


House knocks out a 71-year-old research scientist without permission to run tests and give him treatment for lupus. But it's not lupus.

8. "Lines In The Sand," Season 3, Episode 4


Chase orders an ANA test for lupus on 10-year-old Adam Kelvey after suspecting he is having chest pain, but it gets ruled out. It's not lupus.

9. "Merry Little Christmas," Season 3, Episode 10


Cameron suggests steroids for lupus early on in Abigail Ralphean's treatment, but Chase and House both maintain that it's unlikely. It's not lupus.

10. "Act Your Age," Season 3, Episode 19


Foreman points out that six-year-old Lucy may have an autoimmune condition and Cameron suggests lupus. It's not lupus.

11. "House Training," Season 3 Episode 20


Foreman suggests that Lupe may have an autoimmune disease like lupus and they should administer steroids. House agrees, but it's not lupus.

12. "Family," Season 3, Episode 21


House orders tests for lupus and Bichette's disease for 10-year-old Matty. Cameron is optimistic about the opportunity to treat an autoimmune disease, but it's not lupus.

13. "Alone," Season 4, Episode 1


House pays the hospital's janitor five bucks for the opportunity to bounce ideas off him, and he suggests lupus because his grandmother has it. But it's not lupus.

14. "Whatever It Takes," Season 4, Episode 6


Both Taub and "Cutthroat Bitch" come to believe that Casey Alfonso, the drag car racer, has lupus, and actually go ahead and treat it with steroids. But it's not lupus.

15. "It's A Wonderful Lie," Season 4, Episode 10


Dr. Kutner suggests lupus to explain why Maggie Archer's blood has stopped clotting. But it's not lupus.

16. "Frozen," Season 4, Episode 11


The team attempts to remotely treat Dr. Cate Melton's kidney failure while she is stranded in the South Pole, and they suspect lupus. But she refuses to use her steroids as treatment, which is for the best, because it isn't lupus.

17. "Don't Ever Change," Season 4, Episode 12


House orders a stress test for the possibility of lupus on Roz, the Hassidic bride, but her EKG remains normal. It's not lupus.

18. "Living The Dream," Season 4, Episode 14


House is attempting to diagnose Evan Greer, the actor in his favorite hospital soap opera. Evan begins to hallucinate that he is the character he portrays, and says that he may have lupus. But he doesn't.

19. "The Softer Side," Season 5, Episode 16


The team suspects that the testosterone Jackson Smith is taking to treat his genetic mosaicism may have triggered an autoimmune disease like lupus. They order steroids, but nope, it's not lupus.

20. "Instant Karma," Season 6, Episode 4


Cameron thinks the red spots on Jack Randall's chest are indicative of lupus complicated by vasculitis. But the results of his biopsy concluded that he, in fact, did not have lupus.

21. "Ignorance Is Bliss," Season 6, Episode 8


The team is attempting to diagnose James Sidas, an extremely talented physicist and author, and Dr. Taub suggests lupus. But his ANA is negative, it's not lupus.

22. "Unwritten," Season 7, Episode 3


While diagnosing author Alice Tanner, House finds clues in her new manuscript that Taub believes point to lupus. But she doesn't have lupus.

23. "Larger Then Life," Season 7, Episode 5


House's team attempts to treat Cuddy's mom after she has heart palpitations while out with her daughters. Both Taub and Dr. Kaufman agree signs may point to lupus, and Dr. Kaufman even starts treatment. But it's not lupus.

24. "Twenty Vicodin," Season 8, Episode 1


While House is in prison, he diagnoses a fellow inmate named Nick with lupus due to his joint pain. But after Nick breaks his arm, House realizes that it is, in fact, not lupus.

25. "Transplant," Season 8, Episode 2


House is treating a pair of lungs for a transplant, and when they started to become discolored Dr. Simpson suggests that it may be lupus. House dismisses it, it's not lupus.

26. "Dead & Buried," Season 8, Episode 7


House becomes obsessed with finding the cause of death for 3-year-old Drew Lemayne. He originally believes it may have been lupus or Berger's disease, but it gets ruled out. It's not lupus.

27. "Chase," Season 8, Episode 12


After finding nodules on Moira Parker's removed artery, House suggests that it may be lupus. But the ANA test rules it out. It's not lupus.

28. "Love Is Blind," Season 8, Episode 13


After seeing a large dark spot on Will Westwood's MRI, Dr. Adams suggests lupus and House rules it out. It's not lupus.

29. "The C Word," Season 8, Episode 19


Taub suggests that lupus may have caused 6-year-old Emily Lawson's fingers and toes to turn blue, Chase even backs him up. But it wasn't lupus.

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