15 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Going Into My 20s

    It gets better. (But sometimes worse.)

    1. You look really good right now! Take more pictures!

    2. It's going to take longer for you going to recover from being sick.

    3. Most people who seem like they know what they're doing are faking it.

    4. Your acne isn't going to go away because you're older.

    5. If you end up not doing what you went to school for, it isn't a bad thing.

    6. Things will make you cry way easier than they used to.

    7. You're going to enjoy hanging out with your parents way more than you did as a teenager.

    8. You're going to start getting weird aches and pains and you'll never know why!

    9. Get excited about not having to hang out with anyone you don't want to.

    10. The friendships that really matter will sustain themselves over time.

    11. There are some relationships and friendships that are not worth holding onto.

    12. Menstruating will become a much shittier experience.

    13. Get a bed frame. Stop trying to be a hero.

    14. You don't suddenly switch over to becoming an adult one day.

    15. Healthcare deductibles are horrible and make no sense. Seriously, why would anyone ever invent this?