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    Comic Artists Shared Every Hour Of Their Life On Hourly Comic Day

    Hint: They make a lot of comics.

    Did you know that Hourly Comics Day is every February 1st?

    The rules are simple: Comic artists and illustrators who want to participate just draw a short comic about what they're doing for every hour they are awake.

    It's a great drawing and writing exercise as well as an introspective day for artists.

    It's pretty cool. Here are some more selections from the comics that artists shared this year:

    Some people got themselves all spruced up for the big day.

    Some peoples' days were pretty straightforward all the way through.

    Some got straight to work.

    Some spent time with family.

    Others with pets.

    Some did their best to get some exercise during the day.

    Some used the opportunity to show off their brilliant outfits.

    And others documented the things that infuriated them.

    We got to see the luxurious meals people prepared for themselves.

    We got a glimpse into peoples' intimate lives.

    And relationships.

    We got an inside look at peoples' jobs.

    And their little missteps.

    In general, the exercise can be a fascinating way to see how people prioritize their everyday life.

    Seeing what people choose to keep a record of can say a lot about their lives.

    And in the act of conscious reflection, participants can learn a lot about themselves.

    We got a glimpse of vulnerability in people that we might not usually get to see.

    But it was also just a nice quiet look into everyday life.