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    23 Comics For Anyone Who Is A Hot Mess

    As if the world wasn't already enough of a mess..

    1. If you have a sorry excuse for a breakfast.

    2. Or if most of your meals are actually pretty pathetic.

    3. When you function best from inside your blanket cocoon.

    4. If all your attempts to put yourself together fall flat.

    5. When your life falls apart as soon as the internet goes out.

    6. If your greatest skill is getting away with the absolute minimum.

    7. When you finally convince yourself to go out and then immediately regret it.

    8. If you can only get yourself together for your favorite show.

    9. When you prioritize food over all human interaction.

    10. If you do everything you can to put off doing your laundry.

    11. When you unabashedly cut corners in your work.

    12. If the only social interaction you prefer is with your pet.

    13. When you get sick and don't know how to handle it.

    14. If your attempts to get healthy fall a little short.

    15. When your emotions turn you into one terrifying creature.

    16. If you underestimate the power of your own mind.

    17. When your responsibilities are crushing your mind and your body.

    18. When successfully talking to people is only achievable in an inebriated state.

    19. If you are a tad impulsive with money.

    20. If crossing one little thing off your to-do list becomes an impossibility.

    21. If your to-do list only has one item on it.

    22. When pulling off a new look proves to be a tad challenging.

    23. If you maybe aren't the best at impulse control.

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