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    24 Realities Of Your Halloween

    Have you even bought your costume yet?

    1. TBH, Halloween started as soon as it became October.

    2. Anyone who thought differently clearly just didn't get Halloween.

    3. You vowed this year wouldn't be like the others.

    4. It was time to start doing some spooky shopping.

    5. Carving some pumpkins.

    6. Stocking up on candy.

    7. And brainstorming some truly terrifying costumes.

    8. There are all kinds of terrifying fashion choices to choose from.

    9. All kinds of fantastic makeup options.

    10. Maybe you got suckered into a group costume.

    11. Maybe you got stuck with a costume that you had to explain to everyone.

    12. Or maybe you waited until the last possible moment to make something.

    13. Then it's time to get all kinds of spooky.

    14. Like werewolf spooky.

    15. Harry Potter spooky.

    16. Or musically spooky.

    17. Indecisively spooky.

    18. Competitively spooky.

    19. Or just snapchat spooky.

    20. Unless, of course, you're un-spookable.

    21. Then it's time to party.

    22. It could be a personal party.

    23. Or a big intimidating party.

    24. And then, before you know it, it's over. And then it's time to move on.

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