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15 Ways We Actually Express Ourselves

As told by BuzzFeed Comics.

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1. Screaming internally.

Karina Farek / BuzzFeed

2. Being a hot mess.

Nathan Pyle / BuzzFeed

3. Channeling the energy of a demon.

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed

4. Using food as tokens of love.

Jack Sjogren for BuzzFeed

5. Suffocating ourselves under a blanket of bad thoughts.

Haejin Park / BuzzFeed

6. The mistakes we make.

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed

7. The messes we make.

Flo Perry / BuzzFeed

8. Texting.

Nathan Pyle / BuzzFeed

9. Going into a caffeine-fueled frenzy.

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

10. Sweaters.

Ruby Etc for BuzzFeed

11. Taking solace in our only true friends.

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

12. Hugging our only true friends.

Dami Lee / BuzzFeed

13. Smiling.

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

14. Shamelessly gushing.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

15. Retreating into sweet, sweet sleep.

Haejin Park / BuzzFeed

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