12 Times You Are Your Own Worst Enemy

    ♫ Every now and then I kick the living shit out of me.♫

    1. When your efforts to be more responsible turn out to be your undoing.

    2. When you wanna look good, but you also wanna eat.

    3. When the real world just doesn't seem as interesting as the virtual one.

    4. When you get caught trying to treat yourself.

    5. When your mind says one thing, and your hormones say another.

    6. When you resolved to start seizing the day as soon as it got warm.

    7. When you're determined to Instagram the perfect food photo.

    8. When you're just trying to keep things neat.

    9. When you've mastered the art of appearing chill.

    10. When you're curious about the cause of one little ailment.

    11. When the story you were telling seemed to start out with such promise.

    12. When all you want is to sip your damn coffee.

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