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Definitive Proof That Sam From LOTR And Sam From GOT Are The Same Person

The two most lovable Sams in fantasy.

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Let's start with the name!

New Line Cinema / HBO / Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

A great name, Samwise, from the Old English, meaning "half-wise or simple". By that token does Samwell mean half... well? Both a little degrading.

Both characters began stuck living in the shadows of their fathers.

One Sam inheriting his father's gardening practice, and the other being pushed to inherit his father's lordship – both end up abandoning this path.

In worlds where literacy isn't very common, the Sams both became bookworms.

One dreamed of becoming a Maester while the other displayed a talent for poetry.

Their roles are very similar – the unlikely sidekick to the story's hero.

Who gets all the attention but couldn't have gotten far without their Sam!


Although both characters exist in an overwhelmingly male setting, they both manage to find a female love interest.

LOTR doesn't have many women characters, and the Night's Watch is, well, a bit of a sausagefest.


They are basically of the same kin!