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    20 Painfully Accurate Comics About Spring

    Ah, pollen is in the air.

    1. Welp, May is here.

    2. It's time for that crazy season of unpredictable weather.

    3. Time to get excited about seeing the sun again.

    4. Every day is filled with more light than the last.

    5. The world is more awake.

    6. It's the season for doing that cleaning you've been putting off.

    7. Or maybe just switching things up a little bit.

    8. It's finally time to indulge in spring fashion.

    9. And all the struggles that come with it.

    10. It's time to pick new colors.

    11. New clothes.

    12. New haircuts.

    13. It's a season for dog walking and watching.

    14. New plants are making the world more green.

    15. All kinds of new critters are coming out to enjoy the weather.

    16. Basically it's time to get excited about all kinds of life.

    17. It's apartment hunting season.

    18. It's a wonderful time to go out and smell the flowers.

    19. Or stay in and be lazy.

    20. Or, maybe it's time to just keep on doing what works for you.

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