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    14 New Year's Resolutions We're Still Working On

    Call your grandma!

    1. We still haven't gotten organized.

    2. We haven't stopped losing shit.

    3. Maybe we haven't achieved our career goals yet.

    4. We haven't quite mastered the socializing thing yet.

    5. We haven't quite curbed our attitudes.

    6. We didn't start being more productive.

    7. We haven't really stopped spacing out.

    8. We weren't great at calling grandmas every week.

    9. We didn't start waking up earlier every day.

    10. We never took that road trip we always wanted to.

    11. We haven't done a great job cleaning ourselves up.

    12. Or cleaning up after ourselves.

    13. We're still working on maintaining that positivity we promised ourselves.

    14. And we haven't survived until the holidays yet, but lord, we're going to try.

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