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    This Classic Painting Has The Weirdest Butt Play You'll Ever See

    More like Hieronymus Butt-sch, amirite?

    The Garden Of Earthly Delights is a triptych painted by Hieronymus Bosch sometime around 1500 AD.

    Among many things, the paintings feature Adam and Eve, and what is presumably a depiction of hell.

    It also depicts an elaborate scene of temptation, luxury, pleasure, and, well, a lot of butts.

    1. Some butts are innocent enough, maybe a row of butts belonging to women with apples atop their heads.

    2. Some are framed with vines.

    3. Some butts belong to fruit-headed individuals.

    4. Some subjects of the painting intend to get a closer look at butts.

    5. Some are more overt about their pursuit of butts.

    6. At some points Bosch doesn't even bother coming up with reason to show you butts.

    7. Some poor butts are grey.

    8. Some ride atop giant fishes.

    9. No butt is safe.

    10. Not even from flowers.

    11. Some butts delicately cradle tiny perfect pearls.

    12. Some are being violated by birds! Rude!

    13. Over on the hell side, butts are also making themselves known.

    14. Some are being threateningly pursued.

    15. They are the cruel victims of war.

    16. Doomed to a life of launching smoke and birds.

    17. And what's this to the left? Why, a butt playing a flute of course.

    18. And this is probably the most notable butt of all.

    Yes, you are seeing that correctly.

    And to answer your next question, yes, you can indeed play this butt song.

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    You're welcome.

    Art is weird.