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The Best BuzzFeed Comics Of 2015

Here's to many more years of comics!

1. 2015 was quite a year.

2. We set out into the world to chase our dreams.

3. We made a lot of friends.

4. We ate a lot of pizza.

5. Sometimes we didn't accomplish everything we set out to do.

6. But we made time for the things that really mattered.

7. We took some big life steps.

8. But sometimes we just took a day off.

9. And remembered to take it easy once in a while.

10. We had a nice long summer.

11. We survived one hell of an eclipse.

12. Our cats got intimate with our belongings.

13. And then they got real with us.

14. We struggled to articulate out feelings.

15. We struggled to behave like an adult.

16. When all we wanted was to go back to bed.

17. But we worked hard to go out and maintain our friendships.

18. We had an... eventful political year.

19. We had a lot of good meals.

20. And even better snacks.

21. We desperately needed a phone upgrade.

22. We had a lot of lovely times with our cats.

23. And other peoples dogs.

24. We had a tragically short fall.

25. And a spooky Halloween.

26. With some strong opinions.

27. Now we just have to survive this one last dash to the holidays.

28. 2015 was just full of a lot of feelings.

29. We kept our best friends close.

30. Let's hope we can keep it together for 2016 too.

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