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20 Pieces Of Advice For Women Looking To Get Into The Comics Industry

"Tell the story you want to read. Someone else will too."

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BuzzFeed Comics went to New York City Comic Con this year to meet some artists! We asked some of the talented women there if they had any advice for women looking to get into the field. Here were their responses:

1. "It's hard, but finding your NICHE is the most important thing. You have to learn to stand out amongst the sea of other artists online these days."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Megan Lara is a Chicago-based illustrator who creates pop culture pieces and has made work for ThinkGeek, Threadless, Mighty Fine, Teefury, the Yetee, and Dark Horse comics. Check out her work on Facebook and Tumblr.

2. "You're never too old to start! You can have kids and art!!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Jenevieve Broomall is an illustrator who creates comic covers for companies such as IDW, Zenescope, Bluerainbow Online, and Devil's Due Publishing. Check her out on Tumblr and Twitter.

3. "Make sure you have a sense of humor and a jug of Purell."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Joyce Chin is an artist for Marvel, DC, Dynamite Entertainment, and more. Keep up with her and her work on Facebook and Twitter.

4. "1. Work hard. 2. Be nice. Be visible. 3. Take care of yourself."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Meaghan Carter is a comic illustrator from Toronto and creator of the comic series Take Off! and Godslave. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

5. "Don't be afraid to draw self-indulgently."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Arielle Jovellanos is an illustrator and comic artist who has appeared in notable anthologies like #Ham4Pamphlet, Ladies of Literature, and Fresh Romance. Check her out on Tumblr and Twitter.

6. "If you put your mind to it and PRACTICE A LOT, and do not quit at your first "NO!" or Internet or real life troll, YOU CAN AND YOU WILL MAKE IT!! Yes, you can do it."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Adriana Melo is a comic book and sketch card artist from Brazil who has done work for DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse and Image Comics. Keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.

7. "Just draw, girl! Do your thing, you're unstoppable!!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Brenda Hickey is a comic artist from Canada who has worked on many comic titles including My Little Pony for IDW publishing. Check out more of her stuff on Tumblr.

8. "Make something that represents you that you couldn't find in other stories/art. Then others who might be looking for that same thing (or similar thing) can find it, and be inspired to make their thing. Like exponential inspiration."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Liana Buszka is an illustrator from Indiana and is currently working on a series called Lupina. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook.

9. "Be brave!!! Being scared to try or fail will hold you back! Give it your all!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Babs Tarr is a freelance illustrator from San Fransisco who has worked for Hasbro, Disney, Boom! Studios, and is well known for making the art for Batgirl for DC Comics. Follow her on Twitter and Tumblr.

10. "Work hard and then work even harder! Be confident in yourself and never lose sight of your goals!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Soo Lee has illustrated for Image Comics, Yumcha Studios, MTV, Action Lab Entertainment, and many others. Follow her on Tumblr and Twitter.

11. "Be proud of your work and revel in competition!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Amy Reeder is both a comic book writer and illustrator in New York known for her work on Rocket Girl, Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, Batwoman, and Supergirl. Check her out on Facebook and Twitter.

12. "Don't let others hold you back. Waiting for people to 'do the right thing' won't get you where you want to go in life. Sometimes you have to just roll up your sleeves and get s#?@ done!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Asher Bee is a freelance vector illustrator for companies like Mattel Inc., Hasbro, Toy Vault Inc., MyDesignGroup Inc., and Tiltworks. Check her out on Tumblr and Twitter.

13. "Word hard. Take no prisoners. Be cool to one another. Also... undereye concealer is your friend. No sleep!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Michelle Delecki is a comics illustrator and inker, recently known for her work on Image Comics' AXCEND. Keep up with her on Facebook and Tumblr.

15. "Practice, practice, practice!!!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Mako Fufu is a Manga Artist based in North Carolina who has worked as an art director for video games, comic artist, muralist and illustrator. Learn more about her on her Tumblr and Twitter.

16. "I think it's really important to support female women creator[s] and start buying their comics and art."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Natacha Bustos is a comic artist from Spain most recently known for making the art for Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur. Keep up with her on Twitter.

17. "Don't be afraid to get your work out there –you'd be surprised!– everyone wants to see & hear your voice!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Natalie Andrewson is an editorial and comic book illustrator in Brooklyn who has done work for The New York Times, The New Yorker, BOOM! Studios, Adweek, PLANSPONSOR, and many others. Keep up with her art and her zine-making here.

18. "If you want to do it, you dream about it, and see yourself doing nothing else, just go for it. Work. Work. Work! Get better, improve, grow, and don't be stopped by what you are supposed to do, or what others think you should do. Just go for it. And good luck!"

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Aneke is a comic artist, freelance illustrator, and designer from Spain. Check out her work and keep up with her on Twitter.

19. "Tell the story you want to read. Someone else will too."

Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed

Jody Houser has written for many comic books including Faith, Mother Panic, Attack on Titan, Max Ride, Agent May, Orphan Black, and Vertigo CMYK. Check out her work and follow her on Twitter.

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