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    12 Times Adulting Just Was Too Hard

    Can I go back to bed now?

    1. When you called out of work because you couldn't get out of bed.

    2. And when afternoon hit and you still couldn't get out of bed.

    3. When you couldn't get off your butt and cook something even when you were starving.

    4. When you went to Sephora to get your makeup done because you were too cheap to buy the stuff yourself.

    5. When you realized there really was such a thing as a stupid question.

    6. When the soft spot in your heart actually only deepened with age.

    7. When you couldn't force yourself to have more mature taste in literature.

    8. When you couldn't force yourself to like sophisticated movies either.

    9. When you didn't buy junk during grocery shopping and it was the greatest accomplishment of your life.

    10. When you realize you true friends are still just your pets.

    11. When you couldn't resist the draw of making an obvious joke.

    12. And when you totally thought you had outgrown your childhood fears.

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