1. The contents of our Amazon wish list.

2. A little self-assurance.

3. Just to live comfortably in our winter coat.

4. A text back.

5. To sit on our ass all day without judgment.

6. To procrastinate until we die.

7. To visit exotic places.

8. To be the one to break the piñata.

9. To be as glorious and peaceful as Bob Ross.

10. To get your money's worth at the movies.

11. To be free of all the labels.

12. To have your phone battery last the whole day.

13. Like seriously, is that so much to ask?

14. For everyone to love your music just as much as you do.

15. A bigger bladder.

16. For our sandwiches to last forever.

17. A therapist who really wants to hear us talk.

18. A butt-shaped mug.

19. To just skip our period.

20. To finally get an answer to this stumper of a question.

21. For life to be just a series of food puns.

22. To be normal.

23. A BFF who will actually make you feel good about leaving the house.

24. To eat, wherever.

25. To eat, forever.

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