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    19 Reasons Not To Trust The World Around You

    It's a conspiracy.

    1. Sometimes it's all just too good to be true.

    2. You never know when someone could destroy the things most precious to you.

    3. Or steal the people most important to you.

    4. Because sometimes those "hot new trends" turn out to be garbage.

    5. This world does not lend itself well to the undisciplined.

    6. Humans just don't understand the meaning of boundaries.

    7. Things will up and die on you, no matter how much you nurture them!

    8. And moments of confidence are too few and far between.

    9. You can't trust anyone to remember anything you say.

    10. Even seasonal expectations don't turn out how you want them to.

    11. Honestly, the weather can turn on you at any minute.

    12. The perfect temperature seems to always be just out of reach.

    13. Sleep continues to be an enemy that bests you every night.

    14. Your very meals may be betrayed by a minor design flaw.

    15. We are all cursed with couches that are too comfy for productivity.

    16. And with more media than time to watch it.

    17. You never know when you could get caught in the middle of an all-out war.

    18. The world is constantly conspiring to trigger your emotions.

    19. And in the end, humans are nothing but trouble.

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