17 Harmless Imperfections We All Have

    We're not perfect.

    1. Most of us could probably do a little more for our dental hygiene.

    2. Some of us have a crippling bug-related Achilles' heel.

    3. Some of us just have a limited palette when it comes to clothing.

    4. We have extreme weakness for the cute and cuddly.

    5. At times we'll do almost anything to get out of unwanted human interaction.

    6. We have been known to be a little impatient from time to time.

    7. Occasionally we are accused of being unfeeling or... robotic.

    8. Honestly we're not always great at human relationships.

    9. We like to think we are cooler than the mainstream.

    10. We probably don't go to sleep as early as we should.

    11. We can be a little too obsessed with video games at times.

    12. We are not great at anticipating the curveballs life throws at us.

    13. Some of us just want to be left alone with our furry friends.

    14. We're not great at keeping track of time.

    15. Planning ahead isn't always our specialty.

    16. Some of us like to over-reward ourselves.

    17. And sometimes we are perfection-obsessed.

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