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32 Illustrations For Anyone Who Thinks Women Make Badass Knights

Brienne of Tarth isn't the only badass out there.

1001 Knights is an art anthology curated by Kevin Stanton and Annie Stoll dedicated to showcasing badass knights of all different kinds, but particularly women.

1. Like this monster-slaying knight.

2. And this knight, assuming her place on the throne.

3. This tiny intrepid team.

4. And this heavily armored team.

5. These ladies dodging a shower of arrows.

6. This woman, leaving her home for combat.

7. This team of knights, drudging through a swamp.

8. This knight, slinging her sword with the power of a tiger.

9. This monster-hunter in a snapback.

10. This troupe of knights ready to set up camp for the evening.

11. This champion who strikes fear into the hearts of beasts.

12. This cosmic space night, all in pink.

13. This stern dragon-wrangler.

14. This dual-sword-wielding fighter.

15. These two vagabonds with their steeds.

16. This grandmother/daughter duo on a quest to get groceries.

17. This little archer on horseback.

18. And this archer, saddled on her flaming steed.

19. This little knight with the power to defend her tea party.

20. This gigantic fusion of woman and beast.

21. This fierce knight in technicolor armor.

22. This knight whose intelligence stats are off the charts.

23. This gold-plated knight with a story to tell.

24. This team of warriors decked out in pink.

25. This knight who can wield the power of her own heart.

26. This warrior with wicked hair.

27. These two defenders of the backyard.

28. This pensive knight with ghostly armor.

29. This witch, about to cast a spell over the sea.

30. This dark team of knights and animals.

31. This one-eyed warrior with pink hair.

32. And this knight under a crescent moon.

For more badass art, consider contributing to the 1001 Knights Kickstarter!