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20 Feelings While Playing Pokémon Go

Addicted but don't want to move!

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1. Sleepiness

2. Coffee

3. Motivation

4. I'm going to go!

5. But wait this game drains my battery in seconds

6. I want a Pikachu today!

7. First vibration! Yay! Oh wait- it's another Rattata

8. Disappointment

9. Legs hurt because you don't normally walk anywhere since after all, we're nerds

10. Annoyed when pokémon vanish

11. Neck hurting from looking down too much

12. Confused at a gym

13. Laughing because of all the people at the gym staring at their phones

14. Giving up on the gym to go catch more pokémon

15. Seeing a rare pokémon

16. Running after it because it vanished

17. Feeling like a boss after evolving your pokémon

18. Heading back home because you've had enough of the outdoors

19. Relief because you can return to your cave

20. Sleeping well because you "exercised" for the first time

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