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    Zendaya And Jacob Elordi Showed Some PDA On A Very Public Date In NYC

    Have you ever seen Zendaya with a smile this big before?

    Jacob Elordi may have said that he and Zendaya are just friends back in December, but new photos of the Euphoria stars tell a very different story.

    Zendaya and Jacob went on a public date in NYC, where they got juice, did some shopping, visited a piercing studio, and, oh yeah, engaged in some PDA.

    In between walking around different stores, with Zendaya looking at Jacob like this, the pair cozied up together in plain sight.

    Jacob even gave Zendaya a little kiss on the head.

    Have you ever seen Zendaya with a smile this wide??

    While Zendaya and Jacob have yet to share their relationship timeline, or even confirm if they are, indeed, in one, sleuths out there have been picking up on signals between them for a while now. Back in January, they looked super comfortable together at the American Australian Association Arts Awards.

    Zendaya and Jacob Elordi at the AAA Awards via thelexiciccone Instagram stories

    There's also the fact that Jacob and Zendaya stumbled into a random person's photo in Greece over the summer, which first sparked romance rumors.

    Why are yall surprised Zendaya is dating Jacob? It's been a few months now. I know yall didn't forget that vacation they had

    Please see this evidence:

    Regardless of their relationship status, their fans couldn't be happier to see this development.

    jacob elordi and zendaya walking around new york city with green drink, camera, shopping bag, and coats

    Zendaya with Tom Holland: let's not go public Zendaya with Jacob Elordi:

    wait zendaya and jacob elordi lowkey such a hot couple....

    am i jealous of zendaya or jacob elordi??

    Love to see the love between these two!