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    Ansel Elgort Can't Stop Carrying Purses And I Need To Know What's Inside Them

    Oh, to be a purse on his arm.

    There are few working actors who have as much style as Ansel Elgort.

    Over the past few years, he's shown that he's not afraid to take style "risks" — and one of them: his unabashed love of purses.

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    Last May, while taking in a Prada show with his girlfriend, Violetta Komyshan, he posed for photos while clutching a studded purse. Not long after that, he opened up about why he loves purses so much, telling People, "I wear handbags now. Purses are really cool, or like the ones you put over your shoulder.”

    For Ansel, personal style is all about not setting any boundaries.

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    “I think that style should always be personal and you should do what you feel, whatever that is,” he added to People. “If something inspires you or you see something you like… If I see clothes on women that I like, unfortunately I can’t fit most of it because I’m too big, but anything I like, I’ll wear, even if someone else is telling me, 'What the hell are you wearing?' It’s not going to stop me from walking out of the house wearing it.”

    Then in October, he showed off a different bag: a hot-pink Prada one.

    Ulra / BACKGRID

    He was photographed walking around with the unmissable nylon bag.

    Ulra / BACKGRID

    Well, now Ansel has a new favorite: a sleek leather duffel he's been toting around while promoting his new film The Goldfinch.

    J. Countess / GC Images,

    Here he is wearing it at the Toronto International Film Festival.

    It's very versatile.

    Mediapunch / GC Images

    He was seen wearing it in New York City with a tan suit and a pair of sparkly sunglasses.

    Mediapunch / GC Images

    The look is perfection and, tbh, it confirms that Ansel is very smart because he understands something that a lot of guys don't: Carrying around a bag opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

    Mediapunch / GC Images

    Like, you are never not prepared when you carry around a purse.

    every day men leave their homes with no bag, no water bottle, no lip balm, no hand sanitizer, no extra layer in case they get cold, just keys and a wallet shoved into their pocket. chaotic and reckless

    So what does Ansel use his purses for??

    He told People in 2018, "You can put your camera in there, your phone, your wallet. Sometimes if I’m wearing tight pants I don’t want to put anything in my pocket. Or sometimes it falls out of my pocket." He gets it.

    Apparently, Ansel also uses his purses to store his many...necklaces.

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    "I got a lot of stuff in here," he told ET Canada, to which the interviewer replied in awe, "Your purse is bigger than my purse!"

    Those items include an E.T. hat, his "bling-bling" aka some oversized chains, a choker, his passport, and the book his film is based on, The Goldfinch.

    Mystery solved!

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