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    Allow J.Lo And Cardi B To Demonstrate How To Give A Lap Dance

    Buckle up.

    With each new look, the upcoming movie event of the fall, aka Hustlers, seems increasingly wild.

    Today brings the second trailer for the movie that has an all-star cast — and brace yourself because it will leave you sweating.

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    In the latest glimpse, we see Ramona (J.Lo) and Diamond (Cardi B) demonstrate how to give a lap dance to newcomer Destiny (Constance Wu).

    "We're going to help her learn how to do a real dance," J.Lo says, to which Cardi B replies with a hair flip, "I'm good at that."

    Ultimately, we have to wait for the whole film to see the results. But the second Hustlers trailer is full of other gems too.

    Like all of the 2000s throwbacks, which, yes, include Juicy Couture fits.

    And at least one tiny dog — the accessory of the era.

    The clip also gives more insight into Destiny's character who links up with Ramona and the rest of the crew because she doesn't "want to be dependent on anybody."

    "These Wall Street guys: You want them drunk enough to get their credit card but sober enough to sign a check," Ramona explains to her.

    Flash forward to Ramona trying to convince everyone, "We didn't do anything wrong."

    And Mercedes (Keke Palmer) replying, "Yes, we did."

    Buckle up for Sept. 13, when Hustlers (finally) arrives.

    View this video on YouTube